Horsemanship to Haute École

From Basic Training to Healthy Movement to Movements of the Haute École

A systematic guide for all horse lovers who are interested in dressage training from the ground – for beginners and the more advanced!

A practical handbook for anybody interested in improving their horse’s suppleness with dressage exercises. Silke Vallentin explains how she trains horses from the ground on the basis of the Seven Games by Pat Parelli. You too can learn how to train your horse in a healthy way, from simple exercises to flying changes, half-pass, piaffe and passage.

In her long years as a horse trainer, Silke has succeeded in building a bridge between horsemanship and demanding dressage movements. Her training is based on good communication between horse and human. This means: concentration, a lot of feeling – and even more heart. Once the mental connection to the horse has been established, it is no longer a question of whether the horse is moving. Now it is about HOW the horse moves. Silke and her team prove that it is not at all difficult to teach the horse healthy movements.

pdf-Book: 250 pages in large format, more than 600 photos and graphics, over 450 exercises – for direct download

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