Horsemanship to Haute École

A systematic guide for dressage training on the ground

Verlag Silke Vallentin u. Karin Schöpke GbR


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Let yourself be inspired and improve the mental connection to your horse!

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A systematic guide for all horselovers
who are keen on dressage training on the ground.

250 pages in large format, more than 600 photos and graphics and over 450 exercises

Beware: It is a pdf-book for download!



Silke Vallentin

Silke Vallentin’s passion is high level dressage at liberty. On this topic she published the book “Horsemanship to Haute Ècole”.

In her new book, Silke Vallentin describes how she teaches horses healthy movement through collection. Her methods enable horses to learn the most demanding dressage exercises in a fun way, without reins or gadgets.

The author also shares her training philosophy and how she communicates with horses using mental connection, body language and subtle gestures. This is horse training based on harmony and communication, intuition, and gut feeling.

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