A Few Words About Us

Silke Vallentin (German Parelli Professional 4-Star Senior Instructor and Horse Development Specialist) started her horsemanship career in the early 90s when she discovered and studied Parelli Natural Horsemanship. After a stay of several months at the Parelli Center in Pagosa Springs she became one of the first authorized Parelli Instructors in Europe – way back in 1999. She also studied with many well-known horse people, including Freddy Knie sen., Ray Hunt and riding master Bent Branderup.

More than a decade ago she founded her own training centre “Hippocampus Vallentin” near Leipzig, Germany. She has has been expanding and developing the place ever since – with the support of her son Janek.  The entire facility now covers over seven acres. The hippocampus is the venue for their popular holiday courses, study weeks, intensives and weekend workshops. All dates are always available on their homepage: www.silkevallentin.de.

Hippocampus stands for harmonious cooperation between mother and son, strengthened by a team on which one can rely. It was founded to accompany you and your 4-hooved companions to the best of our knowledge and belief. From the beginnings of horsemanship, to healthy movements, combined with equine osteopathic knowledge, to the lessons of Haute École.

Silke Vallentin passes on her knowledge on courses worldwide and is a regular guest at  horse events all over Europe. In 2014 her 4-part training DVD “A mental Connection” was released. Visit our Store if you’d like to buy it.

Silke Vallentin’s training is mainly about communication, harmony and motivation between man and horse. So, if the mental connection to the horse is right, even dressage lessons of the Haute École can be developed only on small signals and energy.

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