Horsemanship to Haute École

A systematic guide for dressage training on the ground

Verlag Silke Vallentin u. Karin Schöpke GbR

What can you expect?

Silke Vallentin has been working on the book for almost four years. In it, Silke describes how she teaches horses healthy movement through collection. Her methods enable horses to learn the most demanding dressage exercises in a fun way, without reins or gadgets: Side gaits, canter changes, Spanish walk, piaffe and passage.

Silkes Philosophy

The author also shares her training philosophy and how she communicates with horses using mental connection, body language and subtle gestures. This is horse training based on harmony and communication, intuition, and gut feeling.

Silke says: I want to encourage you to pay careful atention, to feel, to observe and to learn from it. Sometimes we are so caught in our actions that we skate over the fine signals that the horse is sending us. What makes us a trustworthy leader are from our horse’s point of view not the spectacular movements and exercises that we teach him. On the contrary, oftentimes the little, everyday things that we do confidently and in the most natural of ways are the keys to success. Maybe we are not aware of what we are doing – but our horse observes and notices everything. And it is then, when he decides whether to follow us or not.

A systematic guide for all horselovers
who are keen on dressage training on the ground.

250 pages in large format, more than 600 photos and graphics and over 450 exercises

Beware: It is a pdf-book for download!

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A systematic guide

Throughout her many years as a trainer, Silke has successfully bridged the gap between horsemanship and “serious” dressage. The exercises in the book are not “serious” as such, but they do require focus, feeling, heart and soul. Silke and her team show that, once you have established this communication, it’s no longer about WHETHER your horse moves, but HOW he moves. Silke gives lots of step-by-step instructions, plus plenty of tips on what you can do if something doesn’t work quite as well as you had hoped.

Silke gives lots of step-by-step instructions in her book – with plenty of tips on what to do if things don’t work out as hoped.

What readers say

Hello Silke, I just have to write it to you again: Your book is indescribably brilliant!!! Really great!

I have read a lot in it the last days and my enthusiasm is getting bigger and bigger. I have had horses for 44 years now and always tried to find the best way with the horses, but never really came full circle, but you are closing it now with your book!!!! Super!!! Thank you very much for this brilliant book.


Dear Silke, I would like to tell you that I am very excited about your book. I have been waiting for something like this for many years and look forward to it with every page I read!

I can’t wait to get my hands on Part II! Hopefully it won’t be too long in coming. I still want to learn so much from you and your work. Many greetings


I have already read through the book almost once completely, some exercises I already know from Silke’s courses, here I can now read again and refine things.

The book is so well explained and with the many pictures very easy to implement … Also great for beginners, because it starts from level 1 and is then logically structured! Looking forward to the follow-up book!


“Horsemanship to Haute École” by Silke Vallentin is an ambitious title.

There are expressions like “asking the horse for permission”, “horses teach us to be more mindful”, “does your horse understand….”, “your horse needs to feel comfortable next to you”. And already I am intrigued by this book.

The Seven Games according to Parelli are explained in detail as well as their transfer into dressage training by means of the well-known patterns. Photos, which were taken in the horse everyday life, and explaining graphics supplement the clear instructions.

No word too much, every word exactly defined and used, built up in steps, tested in many years of teaching. I have with this book a perfect basis to perfect my horsemanship, to mature myself and to grow in more perfect communication with my horse – carried not only by mental, emotional and physical gathering but by the gathering of hearts.

Silke, my warmest congratulations on your debut work. This book sparkles with your esprit and your great love Biko.


I find the book very inspiring and just fantastic, great structure. The newbee and the experience will find lots of excercises to work on. A real gain.

I can recommend the book to anyone who wants more than just ride his horse. Really great, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Easy to understand, logically structured and easy to follow.