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“Horsemanship to Haute École”

In her new book, Silke Vallentin describes how she teaches horses healthy movement through collection. Her methods enable horses to learn the most demanding dressage exercises in a fun way, without reins or gadgets.

The author also shares her training philosophy and how she communicates with horses using mental connection, body language and subtle gestures. This is horse training based on harmony and communication, intuition, and gut feeling.

A systematic guide for beginners and the more advanced.

Throughout her many years as a trainer, Silke has successfully bridged the gap between horsemanship and “serious” dressage. The exercises in the book are not “serious” as such, but they do require focus, feeling, heart and soul. Silke and her team show that, once you have established this communication, it’s no longer about WHETHER your horse moves, but HOW he moves. Silke gives lots of step-by-step instructions, plus plenty of tips on what you can do if something doesn’t work quite as well as you had hoped.

4-star Parelli instructor Silke Vallentin set up her Hippocampus training centre near the German city of Leipzig over ten years ago. She has been training people and horses for over 20 years. She shares her knowledge on courses and regularly attends trade fairs and equestrian events across Europe with her show team.