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Table of Content

Foreword by Pat Parelli

Part I: Introduction

The mental connection
How to use this book
The equipment
Different positions for the stick
The four qualities of an exercise
The “what is better” analysis
How horses learn – or: motivation and perfectly timed release
Release: I distinguish between mini release and jackpot
Using food as a reward – pros and cons
Formulae for success
Balance in horse training
Success through Comfort Spots
Horsenality™ – discover your horse’s personality
The zones of the horse

Part II: The Seven Games

The Seven Games in the four qualities
How much time should I dedicate to which exercise?
Continuity versus creativity
Correctly interpreting your horse’s body language and facial expressions

Friendly Game – Game 1

The aim / Basis / How to take it further
List of exercises, graded by level of difficulty
Massage techniques in the Friendly Game

Porcupine Game – Game 2

The aim / Basis / How to take it further
Backing up with vertical flexion and relaxation
Exercises for the different zones, organised by level of difficulty

  • Yielding (lightness on the halter)
  • Exercises with the flexion reflex
  • Long and low massage
  • Follow the feel on the leg
  • Yielding the forehand and asking the forehand towards you
  • Lifting the back
  • Moving the ribs for the correct bend
  • Yielding the hindquarters and asking the hindquarters towards you
  • Follow the feel on the tail

List of exercises organised by level of difficulty

Driving Game – Game 3

The aim / Basis / How to take it further
Mirroring games come very naturally to horses
Practical exercises through all zones
Poll highest and long and low
Moving the forehand and hindquarters
Forehand away from you and asking the forehand towards you
Lifting the back with the Driving Game
Hindquarters away from you and hindquarters towards you
List of exercises organised by level of difficulty

YoYo Game – Game 4

The aim / Basis / How to take it further
Backwards and forwards in a straight line
Emergency leading at the end of the lead rope
Passive and active halt (different types of halt)
The phases for leading your horse forwards
Stick to me
Exercises in the YoYo Game
Half steps
Five ways to teach the Piaffe
The Passage
School walk and school halt
The levade
The terre à terre and mezair

Circling Game – Game

The aim / Basis
The three elements of the Circling Game
Transitions on the circle
Difference between playing the Circling Game and playing the Driving Game
Giving aids with the stick
How to improve the Circling Game
Your horse pulls on the rope – approaches of solution
Natural crookedness
What if your horse isn’t able to bend well?
Variations on the Circling Game
Changing hands done differently:
Falling Leaf, S(erpentinen) pattern,Yin-Yang changes
Circling Games listed by exercise
The backwards circle
360-degree turn as preparation for the spin and pirouettes
Circling Game – at liberty

Basic Knowledge: Collection and Lateral Movements

Squats for horses: bend in the hindquarters
It’s all about bend
The 101 of lateral movements and their meaning
Shoulder-in – the mother of all lateral movements
The travers (quarters in)
Leg yielding

The Sideways Game – Game 6

The aim / Basis / How to take it further
The Sideways Game combined with the Driving Game
Sideways at the edge of the arena or fence
Sideways without a fence: the rockslide
Sideways Game combined with the Porcupine Game
Sideways at the fence in the “straightforward”
Porcupine (away from you)
Sideways towards you at the fence
Shoulder-in at the fence
Flexion and bend with the flexion reflex
Travers and Half-pass
Different lateral movements on the circle
Dressage turns on the hindquarters
The pirouette
Training in canter
Balance through speed
“Stick to me” in canter
The canter pirouette
Changing the canter lead – from simple to flying changes

The Squeeze Game – Game 7

The aim / Basis / How to take it further
The straightforward Squeeze Game
The Squeeze Game with tarpaulin
Figure of eight around two cones
Playing with tyres, the seesaw,
the balance beam and bridge
Jumps, games with water and games with even more obstacles

The 7 Games with Obstacles

The Question Box
The Cloverleaf Pattern
The 7 Games with barrels
The 7 Games on the podium
Games and patterns with poles or cavaletti

Loading Made Easy

Introduction / The aim / Basis
Six steps for relaxed loading
Loading backwards
The Seven Games with the trailer

Suppling through circus exercises

The Spanish walk

Looking forward